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Welcome to Super Metal Recycling – Scrap Metal recyclers in Dandenong, Melbourne

Super Metal Recycling is based in Dandenong, Victoria, servicing for all types of Scrap Metals, Unwanted Cars, Junk Cars, Free Car Removals, Wrecked Cars, Smashed Cars, throughout Melbourne Metro areas. We offer cash for Scrap Cars, specialise in Old Car Removals, Car Wreckage Removal, Recycling of old cars and scrap metal recycling in Victoria.

We also export scrap metal, scrap wire, copper, brass, etc to countries outside Australia such as Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Kuwait, United Kingdom, United States of America, etc. We are one of the leading scrap metal exporters from Australia and we always provide the best price for our customers overseas.

Metals we buy for for Metal Recycling


We handle all types of industrial and commercial non-ferrous and ferrous scrap metals, including, but not limited to: copper, brass, aluminum, steel, insulated wire, radiators, nickel, stainless steel, alloys, iron, lead, and exotic metals.

We pay instant cash for any kind of scrap metal you have

Cash For Scrap Metal

We pay instant cash for any kind of scrap metal you have. On top of that we take them away from you for free. It’s a very stress free process for you. Give us a call today or fill the form above to arrange a pickup

We pay fast and instant cash for any kind of vehicle you own

Cash For Cars

We pay fast and instant cash for any kind of vehicle you own. Is your old vehicle taking up your valuable space and want to get rid of it? No problem! We will take care of it without any stress for you. We pay cash on the spot!

Is your factory full of unwanted and junk metal scrap.

Factory Cleanouts

Is your factory full of unwanted and junk metal scrap? Maybe you have unwanted machinery you want to get rid of? Give us a call and arrange a pickup. We will come and take it out of your hands as fast as possible.

We help you cleanout all the junk and scrap metal in your farm

Farm Cleanouts

We help you cleanout all the junk and scrap metal in your farm. Is your farm filled with unwanted machinery parts, cables, and various metal? Give us a call and we will help you get rid of those. We can come anywhere in Victoria.



Aluminium Scrap Price   $0.70 – $2.5 per kg

Aluminium Cast Clean    $1.70 – $2.70 per kg

Aluminium Cuttings        $2.20 – $2.70 per kg

Aluminium Domestic      $1.50 – $2.20 per kg

Aluminium Extruded      $1.50 – $2.80 per kg

Aluminium Wheels          $2.30 – $2.70 per kg

Brass scrap price               $8.00 – $9.00 per kg

Brass – Clean     $7.00 – $9.00 per kg

Brass – Contaminated    $2.00 – $5.00 per kg

Copper – Burnt/Tinned $9.00 – $11.00 per kg

Copper Candy   $10.00 – $12.00 per kg

Copper Domestic             $9.00 – $10.00 per kg

Copper Millberry              $11.00 – $13.00 per kg

Insulated Copper Wire – Medium Grade               $4.00 – $6.00 per kg

Insulated Copper Wire – Low Grade        $2.00 – $5.00 per kg

Lead – Clean      $2.00 – $2.60 per kg

Lead – Acid Batteries      $0.40 – $0.70 per kg

Scrap Stainless Steel Price            $1.00 – $1.50 per kg

Stainless Steel 304 Grade             $1.00 – $1.50 per kg

Stainless Steel 316           $2.00 – $3.00 per kg

Steel      $100 – $400 per ton

Aircon Unit Scraps Prices              $0.70 – $1.50 per kg

Best Metal Recyclers Company At Melbourne

We are leading experts in metal recyclers all around Melbourne and we come to your place of work or your home to help you get rid of any unwanted scrap metal you have. And we pay top dollars for you.

We are very concerned about the environment and our work practices reflect that. All our metal recycling processes are environmental friendly and safe.

Whether you have an old, unwanted car or you want to clearout your farm/factory, let us know. We will get rid of all your unwanted scrap metal within 24 hours. Our process is stress free and easy for you. All you have to do is call us at 0439 497 829 OR fill the form above. We will take care of the rest and pay you cash on the spot! We cover all over Victoria.

Metal Recycling
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Sudesh Gamage
Sudesh Gamage
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Great experience with the super metal team. Best price given for scrap metal.
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Charaka Gamage
Charaka Gamage
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Got a decent deal for my car. Very happy with the service. Recommended.
Randula Thenuwara
Randula Thenuwara
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Offered me a great price. Highly Recommended. Cheers guyz

Our Company Vision & Mission

At Super Metal Recycling, our goal is to provide quality service through responsible handling, processing and shipping of non-ferrous and ferrous scrap metal. We have specialized in sales and service of scrap metal in the Melbourne VIC area for a long time, while operating in a safe, ecological responsible manner.

We provide Recycling Containers, Roll Off, Trailer and Barge services to make it easy for Melbourne area businesses and construction sites to recycle valuable scrap metals like aluminum, copper and stainless steel.

We handle all types of industrial and commercial non-ferrous and ferrous scrap metals, including, but not limited to: copper, brass, aluminum, steel, insulated wire, radiators, nickel, stainless steel, alloys, iron, lead, and exotic metals.

We search the world for the highest prices so that we can pass those high prices along to you! All of this translates to more money in YOUR pocket, right where it belongs! So if you are looking for the best scrap metal price anywhere in Victoria, give us a call today!

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Scrap Aluminium collection & recycling Melbourne
Scrap brass collection & recycling Melbourne
scrap metal recycling melbourne

Best Metal Recycling Victoria Company

When it comes to removing scrap metal and metal recycling we are the best choice out there for our customers, due to many reasons.

– Hundreds of happy customers around Victoria (Car Removal Customers, Factory Cleanout Customers, Farm Cleanout Customers, Manufacturing Companies, etc)

– Fully licensed and insured

– Fast, reliable, effective and efficient service

– Same day Cash For You!

– Competitive rates offered to you

Metal Recycling Near Me

Areas we cover as a best metal recycling yard Melbourne

As a best metal recycling Victoria company, We cover all over Melbourne & Victoria when it comes to collecting scrap metal. Not only we collect scrap metal, scrap cars, scrap batteries, etc, but also we have customers all over Victoria who comes to us with all their scrap loads. We accept any amount of scrap metal.

Our main customers are the car wreckers around Melbourne, who bring us all the leftover scrap to get the best prices. After they dismantle the junk cars and take all the good parts out such as engines, transmission, etc, they bring all the car bodies to our scrap metal recycling yard at Melbourne.

Have you been searching Google for “metal recycling near me”, “metal recycling victoria australia” or “metal recyclers near me”? The perfect place for you to sell your scrap metal is Super Metal Recycling. Give us a call; we do free scrap metal pick up. We collect all kinds of scrap metal In Melbourne.

We make sure our customers are paid the highest prices for all the scrap metal and scrap parts they bring.

We Serve All Over Melbourne, VIC including,

 Melbourne CBD

– Frankston VIC

 Dandenong VIC

 Cranbourne VIC

 Mornington VIC

 Pakenham VIC

Rowville VIC

 Portsea VIC

City of Melbourne

Melbourne is the capital of Victoria, and the second largest city in Australia. The greater Melbourne area is centered on a central city, with about 9,900 square kilometers of suburbs, stretching over 40 km to the south, 30 km to the east, and 20 km to the north, and stretching across vast flat basalt plains to the west.

Melbourne Municipality includes the inner suburbs of Melbourne, including the city center. Our municipality has an area of ​​about 37 square kilometers and shares its borders with seven other councils. Melbourne Municipality is the gateway to Victoria, the seat of the Victorian government and the seat of many local, national and international businesses, supreme bodies, government and non-governmental agencies.

About Dandenong 

The City of Greater Dandenong is an administrative, Commercial and Industrial Area within Melbourne That Comprises the suburbs of Dandenong, Dandenong South, Bangholme, Keysborough, Noble Park, South Springvale, Springvale and Dandenong North. It’s essentially a town on the southern border of Greater Melbourne. Its main attractions are the parks – the Churchill National Park, Lysterfield Lake Park and the Dandenong Ranges National Park – that border the city and give amazing opportunities for bushwalking and evenings away from the bustle of town.

Dandenong is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 29 km (18 mi) south-east in the Melbourne CBD. Located on the northwest bank of the Dandenong Creek, it’s 21.6 km (13.4 mi) in the namesake Dandenong Ranges to its northeast and totally irrelevant in the place and temperament. It’s the administrative center for the City of Greater Dandenong local authorities area. In the 2016 census, central Dandenong had a population of 29,906.

Super Metal Recycling is based in Dandenong, Victoria. We offer cash for Scrap Cars, specialise in Old Car Removals, Car Wreckage Removal, Recycling of old cars and Scrap Metal Recycling.

About Frankston

It’s situated 41 km south-east of the Melbourne city center, north of the Mornington Peninsula. As a result of the geographical location, it’s frequently known as the gateway to the Mornington Peninsula.

Located on the eastern shore of Port Phillip, Frankston has become a popular seaside destination of Melbourne as the 1880s. Frankston Beach remains among the most frequented in Victoria, and is recognized as one of the most cleanest in Australia. It’s also home to one of the biggest exhibitions of sand sculpting in the Southern Hemisphere.

Before its own settlement, the Frankston region was mostly inhabited from the Mayone-bulluk clan in the Bunurong tribe of the Kulin nation. The official village of Frankston has been created in 1854, using its very first land sales taking place on 29 May. It’s given its name into the wider Frankston local authorities place since 1893, also serves as its action and administrative center.

The individual suburb of Frankston South also shares the exact same postcode as Frankston. In the 2016 Census that the suburb of Frankston listed a population of 36,097. The demonym for somebody out of Frankston is a Frankstonian.

At Super Metal Recycling, We handle all types of industrial and commercial non-ferrous and ferrous scrap metals, including, but not limited to: copper, brass, aluminum, steel, insulated wire, radiators, nickel, stainless steel, alloys, iron, lead, and exotic metals.

About Pakenham

Pakenham is a satellite suburb of Melbourne on the edge of the West Gippsland region of Victoria, Australia, 53 km (33 mi) south-east of Melbourne’s Central Business District, located within the Shire of Cardinia local government area. Pakenham recorded a population of 46,421 at the 2016 Census.

Pakenham has become a major growth area in south-eastern Melbourne as new housing developments have boosted its population and infrastructure, as exemplified in the development of the Lakeside, Heritage Springs & Cardinia Lakes estates.

Pakenham, originally the product of a small settlement built around the railway station en route to Gippsland, has become a commuter suburb of Melbourne, 57 km east of the city centre. Soldier settlement after both world wars relied on growing fruit and vegetables, and processing plants were built. Suburban electric train services reached Pakenham in 1975, and its liveability has improved with the Princes Highway bypassing the city centre in 2007.

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Why It’s Important to Recycle Metals?

Metals are valuable materials that can be recycled again and again without degrading their properties. Scrap metal has value, which motivates people to collect it for sale to recycling operations.

In addition to a financial incentive, there is also an environmental imperative. The recycling of metals enables us to preserve natural resources while requiring less energy to process than the manufacture of new products using virgin raw materials. All ferrous metals from iron to stainless steel can be recycled as well as non-ferrous metals such as copper, zinc, and aluminium, making it easy for businesses to bundle scrap metal together for collection.

Why it’s important to recycle metals.. ?

Check below…

Scrap metal recycled and ready to export from Australia to the world

1. To preserve natural resources

Recycling metal substitutes the need to produce virgin metal. In turn, this preserves precious natural resources like coal and iron ore, which are used in the production of metals. As such, recycling metal is seen as an environmental activity — an easy way to take corporate responsibility. Recycling metals also requires less energy than producing new metals. It’s important to give thought to resources like coal. Why? Ten years ago, coal was already beginning to become a climate issue, accounting for 43% of global greenhouse gas emissions. This issue has perpetuated ever since.

2. To make the best use of raw materials

Metals is one of the few raw materials that can be readily recycled without damaging its original properties. This means that there isn’t any real reason to create new metal — apart from to meet increased demand. The metal recycling process can be repeated as many times as needed, even with valuable metals such as aluminium. Scrap metal recycling facilities will always accept a wide range of metals like steel, as operators know that the value of this material will never decrease. Where there’s muck…there’s quite literally brass.

3. To offset your company’s carbon emissions

It’s becoming increasingly important for companies to recycle all raw material in attempts to achieve ambitious “zero to landfill” targets. Recycling metal is an environmental alternative to other forms of disposal, as it cuts down emissions and reduces air pollution. By recycling metal, you’re contributing to your business’s carbon goals. Above all, the recycling process will help to eliminate pollution from the atmosphere and encourage others to make the most of metal’s versatile usage.
A tonne of aluminium recycled saved 9 tonnes of CO2 emissions from being released into the atmosphere. The Planet Mark Environmental Foundation confirms that every tonne of aluminium that is recycled results in conserving five tonnes of bauxite

4. To save money by reducing production cost

There’s no shame in recycling as a result of a financial incentive. Most companies recycle on the basis that it’s actually cheaper to do so, allowing you to drive down production cost (and convert this spend into collection costs). It’s much more affordable to utilise the waste that you have by building an effective waste stream than to create natural resources from scratch.

5. To meet recycling industry standards

As people grow more concerned about the environment, the recycling industry is putting new pressures on businesses to meet higher recycling standards. Firms are expected to recycle materials where possible, with metal recycling a huge part of this. Needless to say, if you have scrap metal laying around on-site, you should feel obligated to take action. On top of this, the recycling industry benefits the economy by providing employment in waste facilities.

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