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What Is Car Battery Disposal ?

Maybe you own an old car which has officially died. You’ve decided to rip it apart, sell what you can, and recycle the rest. After removing the battery, you realise that is absolutely a mess; corroded, white, maybe even oozing a bit. Basically, this battery is a complete waste. What to do with it? How do you dispose of a used car battery?

The short answer is that you don’t. At least, not if “dispose” means “throw in the rubbish bin.” There are ways to get rid of old batteries, but by law they may not be thrown in with the rest of your trash. Batteries contain hazardous materials and need to be treated accordingly – so like it or not, you’ll need to give your old battery some special treatment at the end of its life.

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How And Where My Car Batteries Disposal In Melbourne

Used car batteries must be recycled in facilities that are properly equipped to handle them. In general this means a scrap metal facility, or local recycling center.

If you’re going to scrap the entire car, it can be easiest to leave the battery in the car. Any authorised scrap metal yard like Super Metal Recycling, equipped to process end-of-life vehicles, should have the necessary equipment to process the battery as well. If you’ve removed the battery, or even found old car batteries that need to dispose in your dad’s workshop, you can give it to Super Metal Recycling; we pay you instant cash. We give you best scrap battery prices in Melbourne.

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Scrap Battery Prices

It is worth knowing that current prices of scrap batteries don’t stay current for too long. In fact, they can fluctuate daily, just like the prices of gas. That is nothing to be concerned about.

Battery recycling is always worth it, no matter the price. However, if you want to cash in on your scrap batteries it is a good idea to understand why the prices fluctuate.

Knowing the reasons behind these ups and downs in the scrap battery market can help you make the best decision for your business when it comes to car battery disposal.

scrap battery prices

We provide up to date scrap battery prices for batteries from trucks, cars and other vehicles. For updated scrap battery prices contact us for a quote for any amount of you might have, we also give bulk quotes.

The most common type of battery is lead acid, used for cars, vans, lorries, boats, motorcycles, and even the UPS backups that you connect your computer to. Lead batteries are always going to be marked with the letters “Pb” on them (lead’s periodic table letters).

Here are some places that lead batteries will come out of:

  • Cars, Trucks, Vans, and other (non-hybrid) vehicles.
  • Motorcycles and scooters.
  • Data Centre’s for backing up the servers.
  • Cell Phone Towers.
  • UPS Backups for your computer.

Our car battery recycling service

We buy scrap lead acid batteries from scrap metal merchants, ELV operators, battery retailers and waste contractors. Offering the best scrap batteries price per kg in Melbourne, we also can provide collection for bulk amounts.

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