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Recycling Steel

Steel is one of the most utilized metals globally, making up everything from the tallest skyscrapers to your everyday kitchen utensils. Steel has driven technological growth and advancement through the Industrial Age and continues to fuel innovation today, with over 1,868,800,000 tonnes produced in 2019 alone.

Steel is an iron alloy, meaning it comprises a combination of metals and non-metals, including carbon, iron, and tin. Like most metals, including aluminum, copper, and brass, steel can be continuously recycled without any damage or degradation to its properties—no matter the product or form it takes.

Recycling Steel

Steel production by-products also have a high recycling rate, with 90 percent of the co-products used in steel production—including slag, water, gas, and dust—also being reused or recycled.

This is extremely good news related to steel’s environmental impact and its preservation of our earth’s natural resources. Steel recycling also has a financial imperative for its consumers, not to mention the costs saved for those on the production side.

Important Facts About Steel Recycling

Due to its inherent magnetism, steel is very easy to recycle; this is why it is the most recycled material globally and the most sustainable material of the 21st century.

All the available scrap is recycled over and over again to create new steel.

  • Steel is a permanent material that can be infinitely recycled and is 100% recyclable without loss of quality.
  • Steel scrap from lower value can convert into high-value steels by using appropriate processing and metallurgy.
  • A basic oxygen furnace can be charged with as much as 30% steel scrap.
  • An electric furnace can be charged with 100% steel scrap.
  • On average new steel products contain 37% recycled steel.
  • Today’s steel products become tomorrow’s cans, trains, bridges or buildings.

Although all available steel scrap is recycled, there is not enough scrap to meet the demand for new steel products.

While many steel products such as packaging and vehicles have a short to medium service life, large-scale products (buildings, bridges) are designed to last for decades or even centuries. In the future, all of these products will recycle to meet our ever-growing need for steel.

Important Facts About Steel Recycling

Steel Recycling Yard At Melbourne

Super Metal Recycling‘s mission is to end waste in all of its forms. This includes metals like steel—where proper recycling can bring economic and sustainable benefits to your company.

Organizing your steel waste, developing a collection plan, and negotiating a fair steel recycling price can become a time-consuming exercise for many organizations. This is where we come in. We work to help businesses, both large and small, find appropriate recycling solutions for all of their waste streams to keep as much material out of landfills as possible.

Our metal recycling experts at Super Metal Recycling can work with your organization to put a cost-effective steel recycling solution in place that will ensure you get the maximum value out of your scrap steel while keeping this precious material out of landfills. Metal markets vary, with the resale prices fluctuating like the stock market. Super Metal Recycling helps monitor market values and make sure you’re always getting the most for your scrap metals.

At Super Metal Recycling, we are experts at creating steel recycling solutions for businesses and plans for incorporating other metals such as aluminum, copper, and iron.

Super Metal Recycling is based in Dandenong, Victoria. We offer cash for Scrap Cars, specialise in Old Car Removals, Car Wreckage Removal, Recycling of old cars and Scrap Metal Recycling.

Steel Recycling Yard At Melbourne

Scrap Steel Prices Melbourne


Scrap Copper – $9 – $12 a kg

Scrap Brass – $5 – $7.50 a kg

Copper Wire – $2 – $8 a kg

AC Units – 0.75 cents a kg

Gear Box – $500 – $700 a ton

HMS – $250 – $450 a ton

Rims – $2.25 a kg

Copper Brass Radiator Clean – $5.50

Copper Brass Radiator Dirty – $3.70

Aly Copper Radiator Clean – $5.20

Aly Copper Radiator Dirty – $4.70

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