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What Is Scrap Metal

Scrap metal is any sort of “waste” metal from products – such as steel containers, cans, automobiles, appliances, and construction materials – that can be melted down for a second life in the market, meaning it has value to producers of products.

Instead of fulfilling their metal needs through mining and extraction, they can use recycled metal materials significantly lower cost both in money and the environment.

Scrap metal for extra cash is collecting pieces of scrap metal, such as aluminum, tin, steel, brass, copper, etc., and cashing them in at a scrap yard like Super Metal Recycling ​that will pay you by weight and grade in order to use the metal in their secondary metal processing

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Cash For Scrap Metal – Ferrous Metals And Non-ferrous Metals

Many millions of tons of scrap are sitting unused in garages and basements, but taking that haul down to the scrapyard to sell it can be an intimidating process.

There is a difference between ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals in the scrapping world. Ferrous metals contain iron and are much easier to get a hold of than non-ferrous metals. Most household appliances like microwaves, washing machines, a/c units, and old refrigerators are ferrous metals. You can scrap these metals for quick cash.

Non-ferrous metals are harder to find but will reward you with more money. The main types of non-ferrous metals are aluminum, copper, and brass. Aluminum is the easiest to seek out of non-ferrous metals. You can find aluminum in house sidings and frames, gutters, car parts, car rims, and wires.

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The next non-ferrous metal to scrap is brass. Brass is most often found in pipe fittings, rods, castings, and even bullet casings. Identifying brass and scraping it earns you more for your money than most other metals.

The only other metal that can offer you a higher reward is copper. By focusing on copper for scraping, you can add a significant side hustle into your life. Copper tubing is often found in the structures of houses and buildings and plumbing work.

In short, you can earn quick cash scraping old household goods and you can earn significant income scrapping non-ferrous metals like copper, brass, and aluminum. Make sure to implement some of the above strategies to earn as much as you can from your time scraping.

Cash For Scrap

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