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Lead Recycling And Metal Recyclers Yard Victoria Australia

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, which is very true when making money with scrap metal.

By heavy scrap metal recycling, the economic benefits extend beyond the initial saving on future purchasing. It also adds substantial resale value, which in turn can be passed on by trading your scrap, and provides an unlikely asset to bolster the balance sheet.

Scrap recycling is an environmentally friendly way of obtaining the scrap you require, which can be tremendously beneficial in promoting a positive image to your clients. It is easy to see, given these major benefits, why recycling scrap metal is becoming more fashionable and indeed more profitable.

Lead Recycling And Metal Recyclers Yard Victoria Australia

We’re sure you’ve heard about the many industries that have been turning their used products into great monetary gains. For example, plumbers, electricians have all turned to recycle their unused cables for extra money.

Some of the more popular metals sold as scrap include Aluminium, iron, Lead, copper, brass, platinum, bronze, and stainless steel. At Super Metal Recycling yard, we buy these scrap metals. 

Lead Recycling Victoria Australia

Lead is always among one of the most recycled materials in terms of recovery rate. It can be remelted infinitely to remove impurities. In addition, its fundamental properties make it easily identifiable and cost-effective to collect and recycle. More than 50 percent of lead used in producing new lead products worldwide is sourced from recycled lead. As the quality of the recycled lead is almost identical to primary lead collected directly from mining, its value and demand as a recycled material are very high.

Lead Recycling Victoria Australia

Lead And Lead Recycling Facts And Figures

More than 85 percent of lead is used in the production of lead batteries, while nearly 100 percent of that amount is easily recoverable and recyclable. Back in 2013, worldwide production of recycled lead was 6.7 million tons, equating to 54 percent of total global lead production.

Lead sheet is used as a radiation shield in the healthcare industry and for roofing in the construction industry. As in the case of lead batteries, lead sheet enjoys remarkable recycling success. Nearly all the lead sheets used in these applications are manufactured from recycled lead. According to one estimate, there will be approximately 37 million start-stop lead batteries in micro-hybrid cars.

At Super Metal Recycling, we buy scrap lead. We cover Melbourne Victoria. We give you the best scrap lead prices based on the market price. Not only scrap lead, but we also buy any scrap metal for recycling.

The Importance Of Responsible Lead Recycling

Lead-based batteries are a very important component of over a billion diesel and petrol vehicles existing globally. In addition, such batteries are also used in several critical stationary applications, such as providing backup power for telecommunication systems. Given that lead-acid batteries are essential for cars to operate, the systematic and responsible recycling of lead is a priority.

Recovering and recycling lead has great environmental advantages. Lead recycling reduces the release of lead to the environment and conserves natural resources. However, the lead battery is a hazardous waste. Therefore, its disposal poses both health and environmental threats.

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The use of recycled lead in the production of new products is highly energy efficient. Recycled lead production takes only 35 to 40 percent of the power necessary to produce primary Lead from ore.

Unlike most other materials, lead can be remelted and recycled indefinitely without slightest diminution in quality, making it the perfect material for the circular economy.

Scrap Lead Prices

Prices for scrap metal, including lead, are in constant flux as they change based on the global market. You can be sure that you always get the best deal for your scrap lead by trusting Super Metal Recycling. Even though the price of scrap lead changes daily, you can predict how the price will vary based on current market needs. If you want to find out the most up-to-date prices for scrap lead, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

The money you get for your scrap depends on the weight of your scrap. To determine the amount of money you’ll receive, we weigh your scrap on the spot using our accurate weighbridge. We buy various ferrous and non-ferrous metals – contact us to find out if we’ll take your scrap if you’re still having doubts!

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