Scrap metal recycling is both good for the environment and can help you earn extra money. Rather than relying on a steady supply of newly mined metal, manufacturing facilities can repurpose items no longer required by households or businesses.

When you look around your home or business, you might not notice all of the recyclable items. Working with an experienced scrap metal recycling company can assist you in removing unwanted items that you thought were destined for the landfill and repurposing them as products.


When collecting scrap metal for recycling, customers frequently enquire whether the condition of the materials affects their ability to be recycled. Metals that have been damaged or rusted can usually still be recycled. One important thing to remember is that the total value of your scrap is determined by weight. Rusted metal will likely weigh less than non-rusted scrap of the same size. Although you can reduce corrosion by applying a non-corrosion coating material, your rusted scrap can still be melted down and reused by a recycling centre.

Because damaged or rusted metals are often less expensive to buy, you can potentially earn more money by selling your scrap directly to a recycling facility than if it were in its original condition. Additionally, many recycling centres will pay for large quantities of small items that would not be worth the cost of shipping if they were intact and undamaged.

If you have a lot of bags or boxes full of rusting metal, it might be worth considering recycling them. You can trust that reputable recycling facilities will ensure the scrap metal is melted down for reuse and repurposing in future manufacturing projects.

Do you want to learn more about recycling your rusting metal? Contact us today to speak with the experts at a trusted scrap metal recycling company in Melbourne, Australia. We look forward to helping you reduce your environmental impact and putting some extra cash in your pocket!

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