For centuries, reusing and recycling have been a part of our culture. People repurposed their belongings because they didn’t have much of choice; everything was handmade, and creating new items from scratch took time and effort, so reusing was usually the prefered option.

There wasn’t much waste to deal with in the pre-industrial economy, and what wasn’t reusable was mostly buried. When Western Europe and North America became industrialised, the amount of trash produced increased dramatically, and there was insufficient space to continue burying it, so garbage was thrown into rivers or dumped into streets, making cities filthy and disease-ridden. The first incinerator was built in New York City in 1885. At the time, waste was still buried or burned rather than recycled or reused.

After a while, the perception of garbage shifted, and there was value in reusing waste. People gradually realised that they could make new newspapers out of old ones and that aluminium could be infinitely recycled. Aluminium recycling plants first appeared in the United States in 1904. Albert G. Sims started his scrap metal recycling business in Sydney, Australia, a few years later, in 1917!

Although some claim that patriots invented metal recycling in 1776 when a statue of King George III was melted down to make 42,088 bullets during the American Revolutionary War against the British.

However, not everyone is in agreement! In fact, archaeologists claim that metal recycling was a common practice in 400 BC, especially during times of distress. Biblical verses also mention metal recycling practises, such as the transformation of ploughshares into swords and swords into ploughshares!

In recent years, metal recycling has taken on a whole new purpose. It is no longer just about reusing and repurposing old materials to save money or reduce waste – it has become an important tool in the fight against climate change.

Today, demand for scrap metals continues to rise, as there is a growing awareness of the importance of metal recycling to protect the planet. Recycling plays a key role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, saving energy and resources, and protecting human health.

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