Recycling your scrap metal benefits both the community and the environment in Melbourne, VIC. When you choose to recycle your scrap materials at a recycling centre, you reduce the amount of metal that ends up in a landfill as well as the number of raw materials that must be mined to meet demand.

If you’re familiar with scrap metals, you’re probably aware that copper recycling typically yields the highest price per pound. You may be unaware that there are several types of recyclable scrap copper, and each type commands a different price. For example, copper wires and cables can be recycled in their entirety or broken down into copper cores and copper insulation. Wires with plastic coating are also marketable, as plastic is a valuable commodity that can often be sold separately from the copper core and insulation.

While there’s a strong demand for scrap copper wire on the global market, recycling centres in Melbourne typically receive a high volume of copper scrap. This means that they are often selective about what they accept and may not have the capacity to process scrap copper wires with plastic insulation or other types of unusual copper wire.

However, many recycling centres will pay you for your copper wire regardless of whether or not it is processed at their facility. This is because they sell your copper wire to other recyclers, who in turn may use it for various industrial purposes.

If you’re looking to recycle scrap copper wires or other types of copper material in Melbourne, it’s important that you do your research ahead of time and find reputable facilities that offer fair prices for all types of copper.

As recycling your scrap metal is good for the environment and community in Melbourne, be sure to take advantage of the many benefits offered by copper wire recycling centres!

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